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Sounds like you're going through the same process I went through. I had a two level acdf (C5-7). After initially feeling great post op I started to get increasing pain which was ignored by my surgeon and did not respond to PT etc. Also got weakness in one arm and hand which had initially improved after the first surgery.

Finally got a CAT scan which showed both levels had failed to fuse, one more so than the other. Got several opinions all of which said that further surgery was inevitable at some point, when to do it was up to me. My options were to go in through the front again or do a posterior fusion and instrumentation. I was also told that although the posterior approach involved a prolonged recuperation period it was more likely to be successful.

Five months ago I had the surgery and have only just now returned full time to work, was part time after four months. So far have been doing well, am being very cautious and not pushing things. Have also a great physical therapist who is monitoring my progress and knows when to hold me back.

Let us know what the new neuro recommends, can't tell you how important it is to get multiple opinions and then decide what to do. Go with the surgeon you feel most comfortable with and who is able to take the time to answer your questions and explain all your options.

Good luck, it's rough at the moment but I have no regrets about proceeding with the second operation, tough though it was.

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