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I just found out that i have alot of bad stuff going on in my spine :eek: DDD, at c5 and c6. Moderate herniation of c5/c6. Spinal stenosis and assymmetric effacement of the left anterior cord contour. Moderate narrowing of the medial left c5/c6 neural foramen. Chronic compression deformity of the anterior superior aspect of the T3 verbral body. WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? I have an appointment to see the Neurosurgeon on Friday. I found all this out after being treated for everything including FIRBROMYALGIA, ya know that nice little catch basket of despair that doctors have when they are sick of doing tests and referrals!!!! Fooooey on them!!! You should have seen how fast they were writing me a script for T3's(tylenol) after they read me the restults!! I just switched doctors not too long ago because the "new" doctor(at past clinic), after me telling him how much pain i was in, said, "IF YOU ARE HERE FOR NARCOTICS, YOU ARE MISTAKEN!!!" I walked out crying. WHAT A (*&^$*O&^*&^E. This has been happening for years though, so, i picked myself up and moved on. Finally i have a DIAGNOSIS!!! I am scared, but, weirdly enough, relieved i have a diagnosis. Now the reality. If anyone can tell me what is going to happen with regards to surgery, options, questions i would ask, etc.....:wave:

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