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I am one week post acdf c567. When in post op, nurse kept asking me if I had sunburned half of my face. Because I had been in the sun day before, because I was post op acdf coming down from anesthesia, because I was darn happy I could still move my fingers as I have been a T4 paraplegic for 27 years, I really didn't pay much attention to the nurses's remarks about my weird sunburn. When I got to hospital room, my family commented on my drooping eyelid and everyone including doctor thought it was anesthesia related. After I got home and drooping did not improve after 72 hours, I typed eyelid and cervical spinal stenosis in search engine, and guess what? I realized I had the symptoms of horner's - drooping eyelid, mismatched pupils and redness on right side of face. I called the neurosurgeon's nurse who first told me it wasn't related to my surgery(don't you just love it), but, after speaking with neuro, called me back and made an appointment for two days after. My eyelid did improve so I cancelled the appointment, thinking it was resolving, but today I discovered I was back to my new "stroke" look. I will call and get another appointment, but am not expecting much help. My right shoulder hurts worse than pre-surgery, and I have more numbness in right hand now. I also suspect the poor posture I have because of loss of abdominal muscles from paraplegia(car wreck @ 16 years old) is placing abnormal stress on my fusion site. If I hold myself up straight with my arms, my sore throat from fusion disappears. SO! As I am finding out very little about Horners (permanent?), just wondering if anyone has any advice, experience, etc. How long do I wait before I call a lawyer?

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