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Today is Thursday and I am not feeling to swift. My pain level is starting to climb back up. I just found out that I will be having Surgery on June 9th to have the SCS put in. I also found out that I will be out of work for a month. That is not what I was told in the beginning, but oh well I guess. I am looking so forward to having this done, but I am unsure of how my recovery is going to be form it. Can anyone tell me what I might be expecting?
Today is Thursday and my pain level is creeping back up to what it was before the Trial of the SCS. I found out that I am schedueled to have Surgery on June 9th to have the SCS put in. I also found out that I will be out of work for a month. That is not what I was told in the beginning but what am I going to do. If anyone as any information as to what I might be going thru when I do have the Surgery. I am not looking forward to the recovery of the Surgery. I also have my daughters Graduation and a trip comming up in the future. Graduation is in Jne and the Trip is in July and we are drivingb(UGH).
Ok today is the 18th and I now have 22 days till my SCS Surgery and I am scared. I have been going thru Do I want to have the Surgery or do I not....I know that it will help but at times Financially it is going to be tough since I will be out for a month. Any one that can share in thir thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I know that it will be a tough recovery and different form the surgery, but I am sure there will be no problems or complications. I have faith in my NS, he is rated top 5 in the US. So therefore I know that everything will be fine there and that I know I have talked to the Rep at Medtronics and he has reassured my. I am more scared of this procedure than my first surgery. :o
[FONT=Verdana]Hello to all the SCS patients out there!!![/FONT] :wave: [COLOR=Magenta] Good News For All of You!!![/COLOR] [COLOR=Indigo] The SCS is WONDERFUL!!![/COLOR] :bouncing: And I hope you all are able to get used to the trial SCS so that you can overcome your fears and then have the permenant SCS implant!
I had mine put in on Dec 30th of 2003 and it has been wonderful so far. My injury was at the L-5, S-1 area and I also have severe sciatica. Because of the large area that my pain is in, the Medtronic unit has a large area to try to relieve the pain in too. I have had to go back for several readjustments of the unit, but once we got a good setting, I was good to go till the battery wore out. My battery wore out [I]extremely[/I] fast due to the large area it had to cover and also cuz I left my unit on at all times...24/7!!! I had such intense pain AT. ALL. TIMES. that I just had to leave the unit on. They told me that the normal life span of the battery is anywhere from 3-5 years. But because mine was on at all times, it would probably be closer to the 3 years!!! UM! WRONG!!! Oh well!!! That still outweighs all the pain that I was in before the unit was put in. I had to have the battery replaced in November of 2004. That was in just 11 months. Now we knew the unit actually was going out during the summer, but by the time we got it confirmed that it was actually out at 98% (as in, it was 98% dead!!!) and then I had to wait for the insurance to approve the surgery. I thought for sure the insurance company would squalk about it being so soon, but they were actually very, [I]very[/I] good! That was a pleasant and wonderful blessing! My battery replacement surgery was a breeze. It was a day surgery/out-patient procedure. It only took about 30 minutes, if that long...and then I had to wait an hour or two in recovery. I was a tad bit sore the following day, or two, (or week...I don't remember) but it was no big deal. I was just happy to have the unit working again cuz my sciatica is horrible!!! Or I am a huge wimp!!!
Oh well, I hope you have had some help with your health issues, and I hope your SCS unit serves you well. Good luck to you. ~ Laura
I had the precision scs implanted about a year ago. The recovery was not an easy one, but living in chronic pain is also not easy. I was able to get some relief and for me that was "better than nothing" and it has been a great tool for me. It is not without problems. I had a lot of reprogramming sessions along the way and one of leads migrated. It happened slowly and it did change the stimulation. I am having surgery on Tuesday to replace the leads. It will be worth it. I have to keep moving forward, as I have come so far.

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