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Hi Marcia,
Met with Dr. Kennedy, very nice man, and if I can't find anyone who will do minimally invasive surgery will go to him, he wanted to do a laminectomy right away, but I wanted to get a second opinion, so I say another orthopedic surgeon and he said forget the laminectomy he wanted to do a fusion and hardware, totally took me off guard, so before I did anything wanted to find some one who did minimally invasive surgery which Kennedy does do, but said he didn't for stenosis. So right now am sending off my films to Jho and Kleeman and see what they say. Kleeman does what they call port-hole decompression for stenosis, without hardware and removing lamina so as not to destabilize the spine, so does Jho, so if they think I am a canidate I will definately go to one of them. Jho is busy until Sept. so I don't know if I could hold out that long. How are you doing, haven't talked with you in awhile? Bell

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