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Sorry you are experiencing all of this after going thru the surgery. I too have problems with c5-6 but they tell me surgery will either 1. not do much good, 2. make it worse, 3. or do nothing at all. So here I am 4 yrs later, no surgery. pain, meds, depression etc.
What did they tell you about what to expect from the procedure? I see so many people on these boards with failed surgeries it isnt even funny.
I hope they can help you, did you have a fusion? I think I remember that acdf involves that but the topamax messes with my memory sometimes.
Did the fusion take? Have you reinjured? Did they take out all of your disc. Is it the same level that shows cord compression or diff. one? I know these are alot of questions that you probably wont find out until appt, maybe some to ask doc.
Hope you feel better, get on some meds for the pain if you are not all ready on them. It sucks doesn't it? that is why i havent taken the plunge.
good luck :wave:

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