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When I was reading your quote, I felt very bad for all your troubles, I myself
have had cervical spinal surgery in 1997 three levels, one level did not take.
Now I am facing 4 levels to be fused and have the titanium plates and screws
implanted to secure my neck. I am using my own bone from my hip because
I do not want to run the risk of HIV. I'm sorry for all you have indured, your
Doctor should be more dedicated and hands on to assist you in any possible
to ease you pain level. I have no choice but to have this surgery the pain
I am in now is not something I can live with. The impingement to my spinal
cord is such that the damage could be irreversible. The bone spurs are
pressing on the nerves and cord. My headaches are endless. I realize that
there are so many risk factors, but where would we be without these
proceedures. After my 1997 fusions, I also had problems with incontenance.
I was also referred to a professional. I can tell you it has faded away with
no medicines or surgery to correct it. Please get what ever help you can
so you can enjoy your life. We only go around once and we all should make
the best of each day God gives Us. About the rain. There are many times
when the weather is damp I feel more achey. But it is certainly not the cause
of what you are feeling, and I'm not a doctor or nurse. Good Luck keep me
posted. I'll be going for surgery on September 6, 2007. The Doctor you have
makes all the difference in the world. This doctor just operated on my
Husband on July 26, 2007 for Lumbar Surgery. He was falling because his
legs were numb and giving out. I am so happy to say the he is doing wonder
ful and is not in any more pain. He couldn't even shave, or shower without
suffering from excusiating pain. Wishing all the best. Mouse

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