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Hi everyone :wave:
I was on this board 2 years ago, prior to my neck surgery. I think that my name was "ratherberunning". Well, they were only able to correct two levels out of four during the surgery, so the symptoms have returned and it looks like I will be back in to correct the remaining two. I found this board to be a great resource two years ago and appreciate all of your input and experiences. :D

Reading many recent posts, I think that some of you may be interested in the procedure I had done two years ago. I researched all my options for the 8 months of endless therapy and testing and concluded my best bet was surgery with Dr. Jho. He performed a spinal cord decompression, microforaminotomy and discectomy (hope I have the spelling right) on C5/6 and 6/7. I had been experiencing excrutiating pain and numbness down my arms with loss of reflexes and myelopathy prior to the surgery. Neurontin was the only med that could help the nerve pain. After the surgery, I had immediate relief. I was weaned off a high dose of neurontin within two weeks and the numbness and burning pain was gone.

Since I still had two levels with herniations, spondylosis and foramen issues, Dr. Jho thought that I would need to return at some time for the second surgery on C3/4 and 4/5. My pain level after the first surgery was at about 30-50% prior to surgery, so I have been on anti-inflammitories off and on and a low dose of Ultram. I had been a competitive trail runner for many years, but was only able to return to running short distance without much pain.

Flash forward to 3/2005. After a couple really stressful, long work weeks, I started to experience numbness in my right shoulder. This spread down my arm to the elbow. It became more painful and a grabbing pain that took your breath away. Back to my Physiatrist. He prescribed a burst of steroids, which took the really bad grabbing away but did not eliminate the numbness and increasing pain. My doctor put me back in P.T. to try one last attempt to avoid more surgery. No success so far. My P.T. tried a TENS unit and it actually increased my pain. My research indicates that this probably means more cord compression.

I made several calls to Dr. Jho's office and am impatiently awaiting an answer on his availability. I know about his plans to be gone most of the summer teaching his technique. I will probably have a repeat MRI next week to asses how much worse the situation is.

Enough about me, let me know if any of you have questions on what I have experienced or any input regarding treatment.
*I was originally injured in 1987 when a car hit me while I was biking. I landed on the hood on my neck and broke the windshield with my hips, resulting in a neck injury and low back injury. In and out of P.T. , chiro and M.T. until 2000. A bad chiropractic adjustment started a much higher level of pain and numbness and finally led to my surgery in 2003. Diagnosis was 4 herniations with cord compression, facet joint arthritis with nerve compression and spondylosis. :rolleyes: On a lighter note, my physiatrist actually uses my MRIs in lectures to show the latent affects of a "minor" neck injury - right side of the neck is a mess while the left is normal. I think I should get free care! :)

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