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There is a fairly well known surgeon named Dr. Jho that does MI surgeries. When you find his web site, you'll notice he has information about MI cervical procedures available.

I personally think MI is the way to go if you are a candidate. I understand that Dr. Jho and his team will review your MRI's and let you know if you are a candidate or not. It would definitely be worth getting another opinion.

Dear Whackedback,
Thanks for your fast and helpful reply. I was just at Dr. Jho's site not 5 minutes ago. It sounds like what I want instead of fusion.
I'm in NY and am scheduled to see an OSS from Hospital for Special Surgery. They seem to be very involved in this minimally invasive microsurgery too. I hope it is an option for me.
Do you know anyone who has had this kind of surgery or even a second cervical surgery? I am worried about the success rate of going in again.
Thanks again.
I don't know anyone personally who's been to see Dr. Jho, but from what I've read on this and other boards, his surgery list is filled out for months.

I've had an ACDF. 3 levels. There isn't a day that goes by that if I had it to do over again, I'd tell the surgeon to "go f*** himself" and run to Jho. I found out too late about MI surgeries.

Take the time to do the research. Unless there is a major problem, waiting a couple of weeks to see a second NS will be such an intelligent move on anyone's part.

Just do a thread search(look in the upper R corner of this page for the button)on Dr Jho.That should help.Marcia
Just back from NY OSS at Hospital for Special Surgery. He said my neck is complicated, DDD, bone spurs front and back and compressed nerves form new herniated disk. He said that I'm not a candidate for MI surgery and they need to remove plate and screws c4-6 and put new one in for ACDF C6/7, probably from c5-7 . I don't need a plate from c4-7 since I'm well fused.
I'm pretty bummed, since I was hoping that I wouldn't have to go through that hell of a surgery again. Dr. Jho's procedure sounds good and I mentioned it to him and he said that would leave my neck too unstable.
Anyone---please let me know what it is like the second time arournd.
I am getting depressed now.

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