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You might think I'm goofy because you have never heard of this before but....
I have Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (D.I.S.H) working over the A.S. in my spine. I have nearly constant clicking in the ligaments and tendons between the Atlas and the Axis (C1, C2). Sometimes it is so loud that if someone is speaking to me and I turn my head I cannot hear their words. Both the Rheumatologist and Pain docs attribute it to DISH.

I hope your problem is something simple and not DISH
dootag - ps the best way to tell is with full spine xrays to detect calcium buildups on your anterior spine.
I've heard a slight clicking sound in my neck and it also sounds like it comes from base of my skull and mine also happens when i turn right, but never when i turn left. Mine began about 3 years ago and i'm 38 now. I've also begun to experience some muscle pain at my neck/shoulder area for the last approx 8 months.

I'm not worried about my neck, but when i type at work i get a very sore and achey right hand, kind of like it's all tired out and can't do any more typing. My work sent me to a doctor via their insurance company and now this doctor thinks that my sore hand is as a result of my cervical spine degenerating.

I don't get how this could be as my hand begun hurting approx 13 years ago!! Has anybody heard of a connection between a sore hand and a sore neck? I'm going for a CT scan soon for my spine and i guess that will show up the neck issue. They don't want anything to do with my hand issue though. Probably think i'll sue my company if they admit it's from keyboarding!!

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