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Hi Luvtocamp -
The general rule is that c6/7 and above cause mischief from the shoulders/arms/hands upward. It can also cause trigger points in the scapular region. Since you have MS have you considered an event? My daughter has MS and events are dreaded but it is a reality.

On the lighter side, leg problems are typically lumbar issues. I'm having problems as I type this. Both big toes are somewhat numb. Burning in rt glute, general pain in the quads and across the top of both feet. I know it is either L1 or L5 since they are both trashed and I coming up on a year since the last L5 epidural. I mitigate my problem when it pops up by laying flat, spreading both arms for stability, and raising each leg straight up then flopping it to the opposing side. Sometimes I just let the leg sort of hang there for 30 secs or more. For me that will often give overnight relief. Repeat as necessary. I can tell when it's working because you can feel the brutes snapping and popping.
Hope you feel better soon.

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