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Hi all,
Our 13yrold daughter goes for Chiari 1 decompression surgery next week Tuesday , in hopes that it will fix her syrinx.
She has a syrinx that goes from C2 all the way to the bottom of her spinal canal.Its hour glass shaped meaning its wider in some areas ,
Her symptoms are numbness in right hand/arm/face/neck/shoulder.
She cant tell the difference between hot /cold in right hand.
She has severe pain in upper arm/elbow area.
And severe pain in lower back (they also made an incidental finding on MRI , that she had a 42x35 mm cyst on left ovary ) so we arent sure if the cyst is causing her pain or the syrinx.
When we first took her to the doctor with complaints of hand numbness, the doc said it was due to the fact she chews on her fingers ( chews the skin off of them) and that they were swollen, which they said caused her symptoms ( it didnt explain while the arm itself was numb)
Then a few months later she started having arm pain , we took her back to the doctors , who then ordered an MRI which diagnosed her with the Chiari 1 malformation with a syrinx.
The doc instead of sending her to a neurologist / neurosurgeon said we should wait and see ( wait and see for what her symptoms to get worse???)
After researching the Chiari /Syrinx myself I demanded to see a neurologist for her .
The neurologist took one look at her scans ,( we didnt even see the neurologist) they recommended she see a neurosurgeon.
Who recommended surgery.
My question is , what can we expect from the surgery?
How long does it take to heal from this ?
And for those that have had Chiari with a syrinx did it fix the syrinx with just the Chiari surgery?

Sorry to be so long winded

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