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Sorry your surgery is so far down the road--that sucks! I had ACDF back in Jan on C5-C6 with my own bone and plates and screws. My work allowed me six weeks off to recover. To be honest I really didn't need that long. I felt much better after about two weeks. I will emphasize however, that everyone is different and recovery time can certainly vary. Good luck to you and hopefully your surgery can be rescheduled!!
Your wife may not need to take off as long as you think. How old are your children?

I just had ACDF C5-6-7 on July 12th. (Donor Bone). First day after surgery was uncomfortable. The Second was much better and I came home that evening. My husband stayed home with me Thursday and went back to work on Friday Evening. The first few days you just want to sleep. On day 4 I had not even taken a pain pill.

I have two daughters 14 and 16 they are a big help. The oldest just got her liciense a few months ago and while dad is at work she is the only one that can drive. We've only been out once. That is the scary part...I can't look to see what she is doing...We made it to the store and back though.


It's nice to see all of the alternatives you layed out. It would be interesting to see some detailed studies on the success of these. I would be particularly interested in the one that takes the moisture out of the disk, as this will most likely cause the disc to collapse and fail quickly. While it may provide some short term relief, the fact that the disk gets smaller should cause concern, as once this occurs the vertabrae are allowed to move further than normal, and thus more likely to pinch the nerves.

I had ACDF surgery on two levels C5-6 and C6-7 with donor bone, and plate and growth hormone paste on 6-30-04. I have complete fusion and no pain. I am able to do things I haven't done for years because of pain. I went through PT and actually used the MedX PT machines you talk about to strengthen my neck after surgery.

I do strength excercises every other day to insure that my neck stays strong and does not cause more stress on the other levels.

There are success stories for surgery too. The problem is, most people on the web are looking for answers to their problems, not the other way around. Many who have posted here have had success, and moved on with their lives, now that the problem has resolved.

Both sides of the story should be analized and understood.

I sure would like to see you post some study results for the methods you posted.

I can post study results for ACDF which will show you that the success ratio is 98.9%

My surgery was part of a study on growth hormone for fusion that has been ongoing for 3 years with over 3000 surgeries, and no failures. The technique is expected to get full FDA approval this year.

Now, there are failures...and there are people who post here that have had problems, but understand the key point that people here are looking for answers for their problems, and that makes it look skewed toward the negative.

This surgery is a difficult one, the decision to go ahead with it is difficult, but in my case, I wished I had done it sooner. I was given my life back by this surgery.

Be careful how you read and interpret information...particularly on the web, and understand as much as you can about this...that's the best information I can give.
My aplogies, the physican is Dr daniel s.j. Choy and his treatment is FDA approved. It's spendy but the relief can be immediate and the recovery time incredibly rapid. If you search the Net for information on a 60 year olds spine you will find that most discs have lost their hydration by that age (thus they don't herniate). And while there are exceptions to every rule you will find that most hernations occur between ages of 30 and 50. Fusion can work for people, but it does place additional stress on the remaining discs (Think about it and it makes sense, you remove the shock absorbing capability of the injured discs, and something else has to take the shock). Studies are lovely. Unfortunately they are funded by people who stand to benefit financially. I am not anti-study, it's just pretty clear who stands to gain from a study is the person funding the study. If they can show "success" they stand to make a lot of money. And Medicene is money. I have yet to find a physician who can tell me why I am Nauseas all the time, but they have all charged me the FULL RATE. So help or no help they get their money. Someone has to keep the Country Clubs alive! It's not the Doctors it's the patients! Obviously some will need surgery, and some will recover without surgery. Read all you can about Posture and Muscle Imbalances. Something causes the discs to give, if you can correct the cause, eat right, and have a good immune system you may be able to recover without surgery.

"I can post study results for ACDF which will show you that the success ratio is 98.9%"

I hope it works out for you, we'll see how you are doing in a couple of years. Here is a Study:

To NotPain:

The problem I have, is that you are against surgery. You post all of these alternate treatments and info that you googled off the web, without considering:

1). There are people who have no alternative but to have the surgery.

2). Many of these people are here looking for answers and re-assurance.

3). ACDF surgery is a successful approach.

It is important to show both sides of the story. I went for 20 years through every kind of treatment for this problem. My fusion is 100%. I have little or no pain. These surgeries do work.

Don't be on the defensive of your position at the expense of others searching for answers.

I can post hundreds of studies showing the success rates of ACDF (in fact I have done so here if you do a search).

I would like to see studies that show how successful your alternate treatments are...

I don't see any of that.

Probably because it doesn't exist.

I started with pain in one side of the neck and down that arm. Now it is both sides of the neck and down into both shoulder blades. I had same problem about a year ago and was told it was my shoulder also. I am scheduled for ACDF c5,C6,C7 at the end of the month. Doctor told me that the nerve is pinched and both sides will hurt. This all started again about 45 days ago. When i first was told it was shoulder pain my workerman comp was denied so i decided not to mess with it this time. I asked the nurse if it could have been the same thing last year when i was told it was a problem with my rotar cuff. She said yes. If at that time they did not look at the neck and do the mri etc then they would have said shoulder problems. keep us posted
maw maw
maw maw,
congrats! good to hear it is going well for you... i went to the doc last week, he said that i need the surgery asap. he said i have bone spurs and arthritus now in addition to my blown c5-c6-c7 so he wants to do the acdf now but we are still waiting till the workmens comp hearing for approval i go on tuesday so croos your fingers for me!!
i will say an extra prayer for you. I also have the big a. doctor could not understand someone my age (42) with it like i have it. I guess it was being a tomboy growing up. Can your doctor go with you on Tuesday or maybe do conf call or even a letter. Now i have good days and bad. today is one of the bad. did to much last couple of days and pushed myself.Grandbaby will be in daycare on Monday and hubby will be back at work so i will be able to just lay around and i plan on doing that. please post as soon as you hear on your hearing. Also my dad had bone spurs removed and he did great. was in his 50's when he had it done. Then he had the acdf on 6/7 a couple of years later. he is going strong. Good luck.
maw maw
notpain wrote: "The Neurosurgeon told me that while I have a 3 level problem he would recommend doing just two for now...."

Isn't there a procedure where they chop out a whole lot of vertibrae and put a long peice of bone in that then has only two fusions sites instead of six? I know I had it suggested by a NS but the idea seemed pretty gruesome to me. Anyone know what it is called? Have to say that a single acdf was a lot easier to recover from than a double so a triple I would assume would be tough.


Fused C4567
Ok , Can anyone tell me why it is so bad to smoke cigarettes before and after this acdf surgery? besides the obvious reasons of it can kill ya , but I heard if you smoke after the sx it inhibits the healing process and can make the donor bone diappear?? is this true? anyone??????
i went to the doc today for my preop he said that i will be in the hospital up to 3 days after my sx. this is for anyone out there that has had acdf sx , HOW LONG WERE YOU HOSPITALIZED?? i like sleeping in my own bed:)
I had ACDF 5-6 and 6-7 donar bone plate and 6 screws(July 12 05). I wore a collar for 2 weeks only if I was up and about for 2 weeks. I was only hospitalized for one night. I had an early morning surgery and was out the next day by lunch time. He had scheduled a 2 night stay, I think they do this for insurance purposes in case you have delayed complications.

I hope you have a recliner. I was not comfortable getting in and out of bed much less resting there. I lived and slept in the recliner for 3 weeks.

Good luck

This question is for Ingy or anybody who has had an ACDF surgery.
How long is the actuall surgery? and Why did I see on my chart they are going to do a CATHATER!!!????????!!!?!?!?!?!?!!?
I really dont want anything in my boy!! im more worried about that then the hole in my neck!!...ok.. sorry, surgery is next thursday so im starting to freak out alittle.....

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