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Geez Ron it sounds like WC is treating you like crude! I too am a WC case. I first got hurt in August 2002 and had a posterior laminectomy March 03 on C6/7. I had to wait since my treating doctor seemed to think with PT it would get better. I had such a badly pinched nerve that I lost all muscle tone and strength in my right tricep. I couldn't even lift my arm above my shoulder. Now I have permanent nerve damage in that arm ( spasms and cramps). The July 04 I got rear ended at work and started feeling achy and again was put into PT. I was told to that it was my shoulder. After many days of pushups and ball rolls I kept saying it was my neck. I hurt so bad in my jaw (I do not have TMJ), neck, shoulders, both arms and my fingers. Finally I got a MRI and a consult with my NS. I have severe stenosis C4/5 with a bone spur and herniation both causing cord compression and cord flattening. I couldn't even stretch my arms out due to the nerve pain. My NS took me off work for two weeks and I just rested. I unfortunately was referred to a Orthopedic by my NS since he was moving and WC wouldn't let him operate since he was not there to do the follow up. It took 2 mo to get into see the new guy, I got pg and out when the surgery. So now I am over 1 yr from the injury and during the pg I felt good until I got bigger then hurt so bad I was on pain killers and muscle relaxers ( both approved) everyday. Then the hormones took over and up until a few weeks ago I felt good now 2.5 mo post pg I am hurting like you neck, shoulders,back and both arms. My fingers hurt and my jaw and head ache. I feel like I have a mild hangover everyday. Nursing and sleeping are hard enough with a newborn but add to that constant pain and it isn't fun. I also noticed the other day that I am having spasms in my left shoulder. Plus the icy hot feelings are back on my upper arms and shoulders (don't know if you have felt that). Like you I will be post injury far to long and will expect some permanent damage as it happened the first time around. Now I am waiting for the Doctors office to schedule my MRI. Luckily WC isn't fighting me on this but the doctors help sucks and I have been in limbo for 3 weeks since calling. I am due to go back to work on the 9th in a permanent light duty slot and really want to have my surgery date. I fear driving to much downtown since I was told if I have another accident I could end up disabled. Scary thought. Like all of us here I want my life back too. I used to run, lift weights and ride my horses none of which I have done since October 04.

Workman's comp can be a fight. I am fighting them over my first injury as they gave me a low impairment rating. I wonder what they will do on this one. Plus few good doctors will use workman's comp. I would have used my own insurance except that with my job the city will pay the difference between WC payments and my salery. I can't lose that. I matter of fact made it just in time that now the city says you have to go to one of those Back clinics in order to be eligible for the pay continuance. Like right we really want to see that doctor opposed to a NS or specialized Ortho.

What is going on with the atty? I cannot believe they did not show. That is cruddy. Are you feeling any new symptoms?

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