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Hello to all.
I am new to this forum, but I am hoping to get some advice and maybe even the answer to my problems. I have been dealing with excrutiating back pain since 1992 after a car accident which showed a moderate to severe whiplash injury. I had had 2 previous back injuries years before in other areas of my back while lifting at work and never fully recovered from those, but the MVA was the clincher. After that my entire back hurt so bad I could hardly move. While attending a pain management clinic, the physiotherapist assigned to me noticed there were several activities that really exacerbated the pain, ie. unsupported sitting, standing for more than 15 minutes, lifting and/or carrying items weighing more than 10 lbs. This PT was trained in sport medicine and did a test on me involving diagnosing T-spine problems which she told me are particularly difficult to diagnose. What she found with this test was that I had hypermobility of at least the 6th thoracic vertabra and most likely the 5th & 7th as well.
I was actualy relieved to hear this because that meant I had something treatable, right? Wrong?
Upon going home and revealing this information to my GP I was sent to numerous specialists, including neurosurgeons, back specialists, etc. and had every test in the book so I was told. But nothing was ever found & each specialist completely disregarded the hypermobility issue.
In the mean time, the pain and disability progressed to the point where I was nearly bedridden, had frequent bouts of semi-parallysis from the breast bone down accompanied by muscle twitching, numbness & tingling from the breast bone down, difficulty breathing, & groaning pain between my shoulder blades.
I changed my family physician in about 1998, had another MRI which showed nothing and was put on Morphine daily for the pain, and Valium daily for the muscle spasms. For the first time in years I could do more as long as I was careful, and I was living with a copeable level of pain. I felt optimistic that I could live out my life like this if I set my mind to it.
But over the past year or so, I have noticed the pain increasing again and my level of disability increasing proportionately with the pain. I am scared!! I also feel as I always have, that there is something possibly fixable that has been overlooked, like the hypermobility in my T-spine.
Is there anyone out there who has experiences similar to mine, or who has ideas/advice for what I can do? Please respond as I need all the help I can get with this.

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