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I had a pinched nerve in addition to a herniation, loss of lordosis, and spondy at C5-6. The pinched nerve has resolved but the muscle tension isn't really getting better, and it is worse when I am sitting upright for my shoulder muscles (mostly at the base of my neck on right and left ) as well as the actual neck, then when looking down causing pain and burning between my shoulders and down my back. I am dealing with it, as it isn't bad enough for surgical intervention (thank goodness, I just had a A/P LIF eight months ago). I am taking zanaflex each night at bedtime, sleeping on a heating pad sometimes, getting massage from hubby when I can. I get so darn tired though from being upright, that I am up for twelve hours, then in bed for twelve hours. I need to make it through the next year of school then I am ready to really evaluate my neck..
Now that I have blabbed too much, here is my question. Before my pinched nerve was gone, I'd have some pain down each arm from top to elbow. I'd be looking down then look up and something would catch, then make a snapping sound which was quick but horribly painful. Of course, when I told the docs they nodded in a barely paying attention manner. If I turn my head a certain way, my arm tingles for a moment. Now, the new dr I am seeing, a D. O. said the muscles can cause all of that. I believe her that the nerve is no longer pinched, the EMG proved that, but something just doesn't seem right. I have to think that the herniation, loss of lordosis or arthritis has to be the problem causing these spasms and tension that WILL NOT GO AWAY. I mean, why are the muscles doing that? Any thoughts, suggestions?

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