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For your particular problem that is located in the c spine, i would most definitely seek out a good neurosurgeon.They really do have much more experience in treating c spine problems.and personally I just would not have felt comfortable in using any ortho to be digging around inside of my cord.they also have much more in depth knowledge of the brain/c spine connection,when dealing with any possible complications.

i am currently dealing with a possible aneurysm at the base of my brain right over my spine.this was picked up on by my NS when i saw him last week for continuing and constantly changing neuro problems with my face and entire body actually.if i had been seeing an ortho, I don't know if he would have made the same connection or if he did,he would have had to send me off to a neurosurgeon anyway and I would have had to kind of 'start over' with a brand new doc who really did not know anything about my very complicated and rather extensive spinal cord damage that was done during my original surgery.I had an MRA done on fri and was called about an hour after I got home to schedule what is called a "3t"scan?Which i had yesterday.They see something at the base that is in the "circle of willis"?the C.O.W is actually the main arterial structure that circles the brain.Sooo, right now, I am very much awaiting some word from my NS on just what in the hell is going on in my brain.But I do feel so much better knowing that my NS knows my whole spine history and if anything needs to be done,he is the guy i would pick out of the five other NSs that have passed me on during my ongoing search for treatment.the c spine and upper T spine are much more innervated than say the lumbar area? and also contain many many nerves that really govern all of your body system functions to some extent.i just don't think that most ortho docs really don't have the extensive experience in dealing with that more innervated me here when I say that even one little slip onto the wrong nerve and it can cause some pretty devistaing damage to many many body systems.My damage was to be expected as the location of the cavernoma that was lurking in my c spine was not in a 'good" spot for resection but it had to be done anyway as the next bleed (it had already bled twice and was taking up a full one third of my cord space)would have certainly caused me paralyzation from the chest on down.i took the lesser of two evils and came out a little worse for wear but not paralyzed.the choice is ultimately up to you but from my experience,i would take an NS any day over an ortho for any sort of c soine issue,really.sorry to have rambled on but i have ALOT of anxiety and nervous energy goin on here while once again,i am in "wait' mode for some answers.good luck to you,Marcia

i just went back to check again(brain dead)on exactly where you stated your problem was located in the c spine and just wanted to mention something to that particular area,or right below it at the C 8 nerve level?(you do not actually have a c 8 vertebrae,but you DO have C 8 nerve there)anyway,the c 8 area and that nerve carry ALOT of different nerves.this particular area is what could be called the 'nerve junction"?mostly because of the fact that some of your crainial nerves from your head actually run down from the head area and loop back up into the head at the c 8 level.This is also where the best chance of actually damaging the sympathetic nervous system cavernoma that was(still part of it is there as they could not safely get to all of it)in my cord actually was right underneath the c 8 and i also ended up with some pretty significant SNS damage which is causing all kinds of body system problems for me now.i just cannot impress upon you enough just how very important it is for you to have a neurosurgeon attempt any sort of surgery vs an ortho,really.and get an older much more experienced NS as they really do know the area and how to work around all of the many many nerves that are located there.I honestly am not knocking orthos.The one i have for my knee and lumbar problems is wonderful,but I would not let him anywhere near my c spine.just do your research,and weigh ALL options for more conservative treatment before attempting any surgical procedure.I do feel though that since you actually have cord compression that realistically,your best hope would be surgical just to take that constant pressure off the cord before it causes some sort of permanent damage.i know this all sucks but like i stated beore,just do your research and ask as many questions of the surgeon as you feel you need in order to feel like you have made a very well informed decision.please keep us posted.

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