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It has been 9 months since I have been on this site, I was off having my darling little boy. Now it is time to think again about having my surgery. I have spinal stenosis at C4-5 (severe cord compression to 6.5 mm) and had a posterior laminectomy in 8/02 for C6-7 and still having all the tricep pain and forearm spasms and cramping. C1-2 rotate and sometimes take awhile to rotate back causing major headaches (can they do anything about that). I also showed a bone spur C7-T1. I need to have a new MRI soon as that one was last October and I am doubting much has changed. I have been feeling better since I had the baby in August and lost 27 of the pounds I gained as I was in complete pain for months. Now since I have been off on FML I have not done anything besides play with my baby and the pain is much less. I do know as soon as I go back to work, try to work out or even think of riding my horses the pain is back as well as the fear of the cord compression. That said here is my question: How long do you stay in the hospital after a single or double fusion? I am breadfeeding and do not want to be away from my baby. This will decide if I put it off until he is 4 mo or I dry up. I stayed only one night after my C6-7 operation because I had to leave and the doc let me. Also how much will I be able to lift? I hate for my boy to be 4 mo and so big I can't lift him for ????? I have a lot of hand and finger pain and arm pain. My neck along the sides of it and to my rotator cuff and then around my shoulder blade hurt. My neck hurts from the top to the big knotted bone of T1. Decisions decisions....If I get it done soon I can stay home with my wee one longer.............Thanks....Kelly

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