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I'm a year-and-a-half out from ACDF of C5-C6. I had a long recovery and it was about nine months before I was pain-free. I still have a few bad days of "flare-ups" every couple months, but it's nothing compared to the pain before my surgery.

Would I do it again? Absolutely in a minute. I was basically totally disabled by pain before - had to lie flat with my arm over my head to keep pain under control. Standing for more than 2-3 minutes would cause such pain I was in tears and often vomited. So, for me having the surgery was an obvious decision (although of course I did debate with myself about it at the time!)

I am amazed at the differences is responses to this surgery. My mom had the same surgery 25 years ago and was back to work as a nurse within two weeks. Never took a pain pill after surgery and was doing housework the day after. My recovery was probably more the norm, but overall I am very pleased with the result. I have only slightly reduced mobility and most of the time no pain and have gotten my life back.
I am almost a year (12/04) 2 level acdf C4-6. immediate relief after surgery after being very sick for 6 months. after recovery of about 12 weeks total, went back working at home almost immediately, and in office about 6 weeks, I was doing great for 6 months. Now having problems with right side radicular pain again, went to doc, mri etc. looks like c6-7 has an ostephyte ridge, from MRI doesn't look bad but I feel very horrible pain. started pt today - ouch - and epidural on 10/31. doc said i am young for my degenrative problems. Now 47 - i did look a little on internet and found this article, I have hashimotos thyroiditis, which is a autoimmune disorder, and maybe it is related?

Has anyone had levels immediately above/below a previous surgery? how did it go? what should i worry about?
I failed my first surgery and didn't fuse after an ACDF C5-7. After several opinions I had repeat surgery over a year later, this time with a posterior fusion C4-7 (the upper level was also producing symptoms).

I had a too quick recovery from the first surgery, felt so good I pushed myself too much and ignored my body reminding me that things weren't healed. The second time I took things slowly, a long period off work and in PT. For the first time in several years I felt really back to normal and able to do everything I wanted to do.

But....just before posting this I have started to experience some of the same pain I had before my second surgery down one arm and down my shoulder blade. I'm about to celebrate the anniversary of the repeat surgery so this has really come as a blow to me. I know better than to ignore it but I'm going to ride it out for a week or so and see if basic over the counter pain meds help. The irony is that my neck itself feels better than ever, it's just the pain down my arm and shoulder that prevent me from sleeping. I hope this is a transient blip - really haven't done anything out of the ordinary that would cause this.

Sorry, rather than being a success story I'm now whining, once I know what's going on I'll post it. The only thing I can think of is that I had bmp instead of my own bone for the second surgery and there have been reports of problems with the use of bmp in cervical surgery.

Anyway, congratulations to those who've made it to or past a year - really wanted to be able to join you.....


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