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I'm 7 weeks post op. Mentally feeling real good, working full time (no choice I own a small consulting firm with 7 employees), driving, light housework. At 6 week post op I started feeling a lot better with upper body strength, although I can still feel pressure in the stich area if I lift more than a gallon of milk. My walking, the original problem that sent me to a neurologist, is ok, better than pre-op but far from great (foot drops), numbness and tremors in my right arm are better than pre-op but definitly still there.

The doctor says I'm doing great -- he says nerves take a long time to regenerate -- its a little frustrating when I read of so many of you that had almost instant abatement of your symptoms. He says give it a year (and he has said this all along, even pre-op).

At about 4 weeks post op I did some exercises that I think I probably shouldn't have -- got horrible shooting pains in my upper right arm. Thankfully that has pretty much gone away.

I started with PT for the gait problem. While the PT office said they had worked with cervical laminectomy patients - they were clueless!! I'm trying a new PT tomorrow at a different practice - they claim to be knowledgeable too. The PT is certified in the MacKenzie method - but from what I'm reading that seems to be more for lower back. Does anyone have ideas on how to find a PT (outside of a major city) who knows neurological function cause and effect?


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