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I had c5/c6 and c6/c7 fused in February, 2005, with donor bone and titanium screws/plate, etc. Everything has been going fairly well until recently when I started feeling a lot of popping in my neck. I can also hear grinding noise when I turn my head. I had another CAT scan and flex x-ray a week ago. I don't go see the Doctor until Nov. 23; however the nurse called and told me that one of the fusions didn't take as well as the other one. This is the first I heard of this! I asked if that could be the cause of all the popping and cracking and she said it could be. She also said that unless I am in a lot of pain, the Dr. would probably not recommend another surgery. I am in more pain now than I was for the first few months after surgery, but it isn't excruciating. I only take tylenol to control it.

My question is...has anyone experienced this popping and cracking after acdf surgery? If so, do you know what could be causing it?


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