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This is the first Neuro Surgeon I have ever been to. I am a little worried that my primary doc wants me to see one. Does that always mean Surgery?
I see the Neruo Surgeon today, 11-22-05 at 2:00pm.

I have been having severe headaches that start at the axis and go behind my eyes making them ache. Left hand weakness and ringfinger, little finger numbness, both shoulders and clavicals are very painful and achey, severe pain in the scapula and back of neck region. When head turns to sides to much, the lights start to go out on me, I see stars and feel like I got up to fast and like I want to faint.

I have noticed my gait is altered, the left side is weak and it feels like I am leaning or someone has nailed down one foot.

I got my MRI results:

C4 C5 shows broad based annular bulging, no central or lateral stenosis

C5 C6 shows broad based central and left paracentral disc herniation contacting the ventral cord and the nerve root in the neural foramen. There is no central or lateral stenosis.

Summary for C5 C6: Central and left sided disc herniation compressing the exiting left nerve in the foramen and effacing the ventral CSF contacting the left paracentral cord. (Greek to me, :eek: )

C6 C7 there is posterior disc bulging but no nerve root compression or stenosis

The Neuro Surgeon also ordered a flexion and extension= they showed no instability and mild loss off lordis.

He also ordered a coratid ultra sound, I had done yesterday, but results won't be ready til I see the doctor.

Anyway, I am in need of some support and help to understand what is going to happen to me.
Thank you!
Hi Candetha,

Your probably not going to like what I have to say, but I will bet that they will recommend surgery.

You have spinal cord and nerve compression at C5-6. There are also issues at C4-5 and C6-7. Those probably don't warrant surgery, but might get fixed at the same time.

I had ACDF (fusion) surgery on levels C5-6 and C6-7 with plate, in June of 2004. I had much of the same pain as you. I am pain free and doing most everything I want...

Keep us posted on your status.


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