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When you have groin pain, it's likely your Sacro iliac Joint is acting up. The joint itself is suppose to be immobile, held together by ligaments.

I had strained the ligaments of my SI joint and could not walk. Neurologist did NOT diagnose it. I underwent Lumbar Lamenectomy that DID NOT CORRECT IT. Later, via a hands-on physical therapist it was ascertained it was my SI joint.

I found a SI joint specialist here in Atlanta, received "PROLOTHERAPY" over a 10 week period, went to PT for aqua exercises and am walking again.

I go every 6 months for a prolo shot as the ligaments are now vulnerable, as is the case with a sprained ankle.

MOST Orthos and Neuro WILL NOT acknowledge the Importance and VITAL role of the SI joint. If they did and it gets corrected it will negatively affect their income from Lumbar surgeries.... If the base onto which the spine lies (SI joint)is unstable, it does and can lead to other spine issues and vice versa.

Good luck

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