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Well i'm finally feeling up to coming and updating with my progress. :wave: Ended up that surgery changed the night before due to the results of an upright MRI. Turns out that all this time i've have spinal cord distortion from C4 to C7 and they couldn't tell in the supine MRI's. Go figure! :eek:
Anyway, according to my operative report, heres what was done: Anterior cervical dekectomies with Osteophytectomies and Foraminotomies from C4 to C7. Implantation of anterior plate and screws with bone harvested from the anterior right iliac crest. Needless to say they did just about everything in one shot.
The surgery was on a tuesday and I didn't even get out of the hospital until friday. They were having some trouble getting my pain under control since i've been on pain meds for so long. Besides that I wasn't able to bear weight on my right leg (where they got the bone) for a couple of days. Boy did that hurt! Still using a cane but was using a walker for a couple of weeks. Had my first visit with the doc today since surgery and they removed the stiches from my hip (i had twelve of them). He said I can go without the Aspen collar when i'm in the house but still need to wear it if I go anywhere. I'm actually more comfortable with it on anyways. Gave me some light exercises to do at home but i'm still tiring out really easy. This was the first major surgery i'd ever had and so I didn't even know what to expect. It sure kicks your butt!!!
I asked him about returning to work and they said it would be at least another 6 weeks!!! I see alot of posts where people are going back to work after 2 weeks and stuff and I wonder how. :confused: Any comments???? Doc did say that a 3 level fusion is much harder to accomplish and that my hip will be sore for quite some time due to the amount of bone they took out. Just wanted to get some thoughts from the experts as to why such a long time off of work. Thanks and have a Very Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

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