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My case was a bit unusual, symptoms were a gait and general right side coordination problems, numbness and tremors, but no pain. The cervical spine showed severe spinal stenosis (crimping of the spinal cord itself) - paralysis was a possibility if not treated.

I had a choice of three level ACDF or laminectomy - I choose the laminectomy. Surgery was Sept 2 with a two day hospital stay (could have been one if I pushed but we live an hour from the hospital). The surgery itself was 5 hours. 13 days after surgery I spent one day at work (to do payroll), I went in two or three days the following week and then full time (with a mid-day rest) -- I own the business with my husband and while I can do a lot of work from home, a long absence would have been difficult.

I now have good neck movement, a little itching around the incision site and some walking problems with minor tremors, numbness and coordination issues (very minor compared to pre-surgery). I might pick up a cane at some point for winter walking.

I did some PT, but the doctor said I just have to give the nerves time - up to a year to heal/regenerate. That said, I do treadmill, stationary bike and some other exercise at home. I stupidly did some snowshoveling this morning - and had an increse in numbness for a while when I came in - but I was in no pain doing the shoveling.


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