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I have had my 3rd C-Spine MRI last week. The new Scan shows a herniation at c4/5 that is just barely touching the spinal cord. I am not talking the thecal sac, it is indenting through the thecal sac and now just barely touching the spinal cord itself.

This is not the right side but not far enough to the right to impinge on the exiting nerve. The MRI report states it is 3mm x 9mm.

I have a constant dull achey neck (which isn't the worst part) and my balance is so bad I can not walk unassisted, showering, brushing my teeth, etc are very difficult. I hold the walls as I walk.

Yet no surgeon thinks this is the cause. I have listened to all the surgeons neurologists neurotologists, etc. No one can tell me why I am having this problem yet all are very quick to dismiss this c4/5 herniation even though it is now touching the cord.

What's next? Do I wait to get paralyzed?
This post was rather old but I feel compelled to answer. I too suffer from impingement of c3-c7 but it is only touching the thecal sac and not the cord and I can certainly sympathise with your balance issues. I feel off kilter constantly, have a hard time doing the things you mentioned, but I can bend over to brush teeth but when I stand up straight I feel like I could fall over, on top of all of that I have numbnesses across face top of shoulder, and other weird things like visual disturbances and my doctors blow it off too . My chiro did think my atlas/axis could be off causing the neuro problems but I am terrified to have him adjust it due to the risk of stroking out so yes, I would say that what you have on your xrays could very well be causing your troubles but now the hard part is getting someone to sit up and take it seriously, sadly I am in the same boat as you and have been for over 2 years, living daily with all of this crap wears a person down. And people wonder where the fun loving gal has gone? huh, I wish I knew. Good luck to you.
I have a C4/5 central stenosis with cord flattening and have a constant achy neck. My shoulders and middle back hurt all the time as well. I do not have the trouble walking as you do mine is all upper body. My arms, hands, and fingers are affected. I have noticed occasionally some light headedness and blurry vision even with glasses. Im not sure that is involved or not. I am told that since C4/5 is above my C6/7 laminectomy issues that the pressure on the cord could be causing the residual pain I have had from the C6/7. So maybe there is something going on below that level that causes the off balance thing.
I had C4 to C7 spinal stenosis almost or slightly impinging on the cord (I think C6-C7 was the worst area). My balance was off for months prior to diagnosis/surgery. I travel a lot and escellators in airports were impossible the last few months. Surgery was in Sept. I was through ATL airport twice this past weekend and did the very long escellators there with no problem (pulling a wheel bag too).

Your balance sounds worse than mine was -- get another medical opinion ASAP.

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