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Help please!!
Dec 27, 2005
Maybe this is where I need to be because all other avenues have proved fruitless for me. A brief(very brief becaue my story is so long no one could stand to read it!!) synopsis of my dreadful life at the moment and for the past 2 years. I was in 2 accidents (mva) within 3 months of each other 2 years ago. I have been to neurologists, chiropractors, rheumatologist and any other kind of "ologist" you could think of and noone helps. I am convinced I have ms or some other god awful ailment although one I do believe I do have is fibromyalgia but thats a whole other story. The mri I had showed bulging of the c4,5,6 with touching of the thecal sac but no cord involvement. I have a buzzing, burning on the top of my right shoulder, numb fingers and toes, feet, legs, arms (all at different sporadic times), numbness to the right side of my face, twitching, tingling over body. My brain mri by the way was negative. The chiro said I have a reverse lordosis so my neck is backwards practically, he worked on it mildly (I wont let him do the typical crack they do because I know the risks of that), I have suffered dizziness for 2 years, visual problems and the list could go on for hours. I am anxiety ridden over this because who the heck wouldn't be!!! but all dr's say is stress etc. If I sit too long my legs go numb, typing this right now has my hands numb, its like every nerve in my body is pinched!! The big question is, could all of this be from by c spine?? I believe it is, as some of the other posts refer to some of these symptoms and they all have had c spine problems. The fibro issue comes in because most days something, everything aches me. To get up in the morning is like a major feat and I am so stiff for hours after wards. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I am an RN who has had her share of backbreaking days at work and was always a workhorse around the house, lifting things etc that I shoudn't have been doing, could the damage be worse since the last mri??? The neuro says migraines are the cause of all of this but what about the neck pain, and all the other crap?? Thanks to anyone who had the patience to read this, I am at the end of my rope, it is ruining my life and my poor husband is ready to kill me I think ( he really is a great guy) HELP!! or at least some reassurance will be much appreciated.
Best regards,

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