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Thanks Veronica I too keep all my records and did look at the this past set of films and noticed some strange looking bones. I guess that is what it is. Women back before didn't know about folic acid so I bet many of us have one form of it or another.

Dootag you dog you I would love to have your rain. I live in Texas where we are 16' below normal. My pond has about a foot of nasty water in it left after two years of low rain fall. I have horses and hay was a bummer to get this year. Luckily my ex husband cuts and I always get it from him but got it late this year and it was dry. Usually a bale goes for $3 now it goes for over $6 and rounds up to $85 for horse quality. So please send me your rain, snow,ice all of it....

The reason I want it fixed all at one time is for workman's comp purposes. The first injury has already been settled so if I have to go back and fix C6/7 later I will not get compensated by the city for the extra money I loose being off work. Right now we get comp the difference between WC and our pay. Keeps my insurance up as well as pension. I used most of my saved sick time after I had my bundle of Joy in August. And since C6/7 is the reason for tricep pain and weakness I figured he would want to fix it. But I guess until he actually gets a good look at it he cannot decide that.

After my first surgery I had damage to the nerve (which one???) that caused my arm to completely cramp when in certain positions. Such as scratching my back, bending a the wrist to put my arm on a table to chat, put on my vest at work (I am a PO). It would cramp and my wrist would bend until either it passed or I straightened it out with the left hand. My tricep would occasionally spasm without pain. Now the spasm is lower right above the elbow which hurts all the time like the funny bone is being pinched. I have what feels like an icy hot feeling down the left shoulder to elbow all the time. That started over a year ago. Luckily my arm never felt numb or dead feeling. I am much weaker then I used to be but still can do some tricep and shoulder weights. Heck that is how I discovered the pain last year was working out, it got so bad that I couldn't straighten my arms at all the nerves hurt so bad.

I just want some of my old life back. I haven't ridden my horses in over a year and I was a avid horseman, I haven';t run or been to the gym in over 7 months and I have baby flab to ditch. But I am to afraid to do much since the spinal cord is smushed and my old NS told me to be careful one more accident and I could have permanent paralysis.

I do appreciate you chatting. Seems many of the posts I ask questions on go unanswered and this seems to be the most knowledgeable place to go.....

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