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Hi JackieH,

Thanks for the sweet comments to my hubby and me:):) I definitely give him hugs and praises for taking such good care of me!!!

A few more suggestions for recovery are that I have an IPOD mini that I dowdloaded about 10 books from Itunes (legally:)) so that I didn't have to hold up a book to read while resting. It is sooooo awesome!!!! It's a great way to relax and "listen" to great books and/or music whever you are set up to recuperate. I found that a recliner is the most comfortable spot during the day since you can rest your head back against it. That's what felt the best since the muscles are sore around your neck while it is healing and getting more stable.

Also, I had a bunch of friends loan me button-down comfy shirts to wear for the weeks I had the collar. This time I only had to wear it for 2 weeks:):):)

Have TONS of movies around to watch since it gets quite boring sitting around all day since you shouldn't be in a car at all the first two weeks. I would get nervous for any Dr. who says earlier since you want the best chance for fusion and healing.

So they are taking your own hip bone???? You can sometimes be more sore at that incision site than your neck and don't try to go up and down the stairs very much until you feel ready.. I was lucky with the hip part the first time as mine didn't hurt very much but other people have said it is more painful... There really isn't much % that is proven with your own bone or donor bone so I wonder why he is using yours??? Some Dr.'s are old fashioned that way so just be prepared that it might be extremely sore.:(:(

That is so wonderful that you live near natural beauty:):) How lovely!! And also that you will have family and friends to help care for you as well as the church. We had meals lined up for the first two weeks, and doggy walking as well. Hubby was well fed!!! We don't have small children so that was easier too.

Anyway, lots of prayers for you!!! I really hope it takes away your pain as well as the other symptoms.

Many blessing,

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