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Hi there,
I had surgery for same area with plate and own bone and actually injured my neck and low back l5 s1 as a result of chair collapsing at a store and then hitting my head and low back like that. I had immediate pins and needles flash down my body, in my lips of my face, and facially and into my feet as it turned out the disc broke open, just stuck between the vertebrae and rested on my spinal cord.

All I can tell you as you wait is take your meds, especially USE A COLD PAC ON YOUR NECK for 15 minutes at a time. The cold will help to shrink the disc and relieve the nerve impingment thus removing some of the pain. Do this throughout your day. Also, roll a small towel comfortably in the small of your neck while sitting, sleeping and try very carefully to stretch the spine so the vertebrae opens. Even a millimetre or less is less pressure on the nerves and an open and closed motion can often help the spine suction the disc ever so slowly back. It may be enough to give you relief a little at a time to get through till surgery.

My heart is with you. :angel: will be okay but you have basically exacerabated an already injured situation and I would tell your dr. you need TYLENOL 3 and Percocet and try to use one over the over depending on the intensity of the pain. Cut them in 1/2, take them carefully but give yourself the mental break from the pain or then all the emotional stress just gets the better of you. Believe me...on this board...we all have had our cross to bare and we can all tell you the individual ways we have dealt with the cruelty of pain and its ability to eat away at you.

Hang in there my will get through this....I need your advice and support as much as you need mine...from time to time.

Nearly new Nero :wave:

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