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Hi there,
I can tell you that i had a c5 6 with own bone and plate due to major herniation pressing on spinal cord and a l5 s1 microdiskectomy in 03 and 04. I have had many strange head sensations and in particular numbness, heaviness and spaced out feeling since my injury and surgery. In fact when I first had the injury my whole head went pins and needles, lips and face and I kept getting a sharp pain in my right eye that would cause my eye to shut, water and made me keep thinking I had whipped my hair in my eye from the car window open or something had hit my cornea. I told my chiro who is seasoned knowledgeable man and he said so many people who have this injury, spinal cord impingement and surgery often have these strange sensations and they vary. I can only suggest that the spinal cord is obviously an intricate complex system as it must convey so much information to all parts of the body. After surgery I had a major eye tic on left side and although I have a fantastic surgeon he said "i did not operate on your eye" indicating it was unrelated. Then I go to the chiro and he has seen many patients deal with this and he does some massage on the skull and c1 area and within a few days I have relief. When my neck is stressed from over activity I get the tic back and sure enough manipulating the muscles through massage gives me relief. The occipatal nerve runs around your head and corresponding nerves run off of it into your face and jaw and lip, so the pressure off it dissipates these other problem eye spasm/tic.

All I can tell you is that I have not had a convulsion but many times I have felt spacey enough that I have not realized how far I have driven between I blank out...but I don't. So it is really hard to explain...and the chiro seemed to be the only one who understood as he had similar symptoms reported from patients in similar circumstances. He diagnosed my injury over the two initial doctors I saw who minimized it and nearly faintedwhen they saw my MRI so I have a lot of faith in his comments.

I hope this helps but as you have found out like many of us on this board only advocating for yourself till you find the source of the problem is your best hope.

Good luck my dear... :wave:
Nearly new....Nero

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