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[QUOTE=dennisgb]That's a good one. The variation is described in my list of excercises. They had me lay on the corner of the bed on my stomach, head over the edge of the bed, both arms straight out (the superman pose), and lift the arms up as high as you can't move them far...20 reps. You could add the legs to this too. I do the legs on the floor. This eliminates the need for the ball. Ask your PT people if that can work for you.

The stretching that you get in the arms and shoulders, not only strengthens, but loosens those spasms.

These PT guys are on the right track.



Exccccccccccccellent!!! :)

I actually forgot all about your older post regarding the exercises. I'll have to rescan that information to see what the future holds for me!

I have to admit. Its getting to the point of frustrating when I have a "good" day and a little bit of pain or nerve twinges hit me. I see that as a positive as it means mentally I'm anticipating good days rather than bad! Wow. How's that one for a change!

Unfortunately, I have to wonder how much further along I could be if I choose these guys first. Oh well - live and learn.

I have to say though.. If it wasn't for the advice that I find on these boards AND the success stories that come back to help out the new generation....

I may never have.

And for that dennis and the collective group, I give a very sincere thanks. Hopefully you can tuck that one in your pocket and feel really good. You all helped somoene. It is worthwhile.
Ouch I was told that too. But who knows how much nerve damage there is? Hard to measure time then. My doc said that to about having the surgery earlier would have saved me most of this pain..but as I state it wasn't my fault I tried!

So you have most of your pain in the shoulders? That is a given for me as is the neck but it is the arms, hands and fingers I don't get. I took both a pain killer and a muscle relaxer last night and had dh rub rub rub. I still didn't get much rest. This morning I woke up great. Baby and I walked for an hour. I feel OK now just very sore in the neck and shoulders and my arms and hands hurt.

As for TMJ I went to several websites and jaw pain is just one of the symptoms. I am now beginning to wonder if I too could have that. I doubt it as I do not have anything other then the jaw pain. Upper jaw below the ear area. I contribute it to the constant neck pain.

Hope you are feeling better after the skelaxin....

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