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Re: Post report
Apr 15, 2006
[QUOTE=ember919]Oh, geez, the image of the human sardine really made me laugh. It sounds much like some of the combinations I have put together over the past week. I know my husband has at times looked at my morning wreckage of pillows and blankets and wondered what the heck I could have possibly been doing with them all.

We are lucky enough to have an adjustable bed. We bought it two years ago because of my neck problems and my husband's back problems, and it's been worth it's weight in gold. However, I haven't been using it at night because I'm afraid that if my husband sleeps in the other bed, it'll mess up his back. And since he's doing all the driving and running of errands right now, I don't want to take that chance. I use the bed sometimes during the day if I want to rest, but at night I'm back to pillows if I want to prop myself up.

We should have paid more and gotten the DUAL adjustable bed......

I got bold last night - didn't wear my collar (hoping my head wouldn't fall off if I sat up suddenly :eek: ) and took my regular full dose of Ambien. I slept for a couple of hours in my own bed and then only got up one time to wander around looking for a more comfortable place. Yay for me! On the downside, I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been beaten about the head and shoulders, but that eased off once I'd been up for a while.

Despite my griping about nighttime adventures, I'm still really happy with how I'm feeling. I have to make an effort to remember not to do too much too soon. I know it's only been a little more than a week and that there's still much more to go through and deal with, but I'm hoping I'll be smart enough and patient enough to handle it all with grace and good humor. (I guess I'll be cheating a little, since I'll have access to answers and encouragement whenever I want them -- that would be a yay for you guys!) Oh yeah, that selective memory thing we do to forget bad stuff is great, too, isn't it?

So, in keeping with my endless questions: anyone ever feel a tightness or pulling at the site of the wound? Feels kinda like a rubber band stretched tight. I assume it's just the natural healing and formation of scar tissue; doesn't hurt, just feels weird. I'm guessing the feeling will increase before it decreases. The surgeon took off the last of the steri-strips yesterday, but I'm not sure if that's related.

As always, my thanks to all.

Mike - I'm an ex-smoker myself. Quit for several years, then was on-again/off-again for several years up until January (had been "on" over the holidays), when surgery was mentioned. Stress is a big trigger for me, as it is for many people, so you can of course appreciate the irony of not being able to smoke through this time.

If it's reasonable and appropriate for you, consider asking your doctor about Wellbutrin/Zyban. I have no idea how it works in the brain, but it helped me, made me somehow not want cigarettes. I'd think about having one and then kinda think, "Yuck." Weird, but it worked.[/QUOTE]

Tightness on the incision (I'm assuming on the neck) - Check!
Rubber band - Check!

This far out, I've even had the occasional rip type feeling (which I'm assuming is scar tissue being torn - its not on the outside! :D)

So... All a go and par for the course on the incision.

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