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Hi Michelle....this is a previous post that I put on another thread....thought it might give you some you can see, I think you & I are in the same boat!

My name is Jennifer. As of today (6/01/06) , it's been exactly 3 weeks and 6 days since my surgery..I had ACDF C5/6 and C6/7. Had on/off pain since October, 2005..numbness/tingling started mid March...did 4 weeks of got worse...had entire body numbness (including face/head) family doctor said it was arthritis...i called an ortho doc..he referred me to a NS, 4 days later, I had surgery.

I wasn't in that much pain before the surgery...the problem was that my spinal cord was being compressed and that can be dangerous. My post-op pain is still about 3 times what my pre-op pain was and it’s really getting frustrating. I have right arm and chest/face numbness , neck pain and shoulder blade/under arm pain--all on right side…occasionally on left side too.

It’s difficult being at home as I have my own small business (I only employ 2 other people) I have to work to eat….I’m considering filing for disability but I’m unsure.. My business requires me to do trade shows every weekend all over the east coast…(this includes unloading/loading about 600 pounds of inventory) my dad (age 69) and I usually alternated weekends, but now he’s in it alone and I feel incredibly guilty.

I keep telling myself that I need to take it easy until at least the 6 week checkup so I can see how fusion is going. But it’s tough….I can’t help but feel as if people are judging me and thinking that I’m “milking” it.
But I feel so bad about my dad being on the road…..sorry for the whining but it’s made me feel a little better just putting this down in writing….I’m also a single mom w/full custody of a 12 year old boy who needs constant chauffering to numerous extracurricular activities…sometimes, I feel like I’m stretching my support system to it’s limits.

I’m taking percocet for the pain…..5/325 one or two tablets every 4 hours as needed. The “as needed” is ending up being pretty much 2 tablets every 4 hours from 6:00am to 6:00pm,,,,is this too much???..should I be asking for a different type of medication???

I’d appreciate any thought/comments…..have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

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