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Hi everyone....I am scheduled for a 5/30 posterior Laminectomey of C5-6-7 with screw fusion......would love to hear from anyone especially those who had the posterior approach and believe it or not my biggest question is will it be possible after initial recovery(meaning first 2 weeks) while still in the brace Can you possibly bend down to feed two cats and clean the litter box.....I live alone and will have some help for a week or two but after that am on my own with my two little monsters and am concerned how I will care for them....would appreciate any and all advise about the surgery and the pet care.....also will have a recliner but do you think renting a hospital bed will be much more comfortable? thank you
Hi luckylittle,

I had an anterior fusion of C5,6 and 7, also with a plate screwed in, and had to wear the collar. I had to feed 2 dogs while in the brace. I found it best to prepare their food on a counter or table, then kneel own to feed them. It minimized the bending and put less pressure on the neck. Preparing the litter box could be a little tougher though. I ended up sleeping in a recliner for almost a month. It normally isn't as comfortable as a bed but during my recovery I couldn't get comfortable in a bed. If renting a hospital bed isn't too expensive it may be better if you can recline it at any angle.

Frank :bouncing:
I had posterior laminectomy w/o fusion in September 05. The biggest issue with posterior is that they cut the large muscles at the top of the back. My husband had to help me shower, dress, etc. for the first week or two. You probably will need help the first week or two. Ramsfan has the right idea with the pets - plan ahead and learn to lower your body straight down to reach the floor etc. You'll figure it out by necessity. Good luck and speedy recovery.
thanks so much for answering....if your hubbie is available let me know..(just kidding) ...since you had the posterior surgery and most on this board have had the anterior...I would greatly appreciate anything you can tell me about post it really as painful as they say...and did they give you two to shower in and the other for everyday? My surgery is scheduled for 5/30 and I think I have had too much time to think and get myself more anxious.....How long does the pain last fromt he posterior surgery? any info will be greatly appreciated
I've had 3 surgeries over the last 10 years and the pain was less after each one. I didn't even need pain pills after the 2nd day of my last surgery. The only real pain I had was on my hip where they took the bone from for the fusion. As I mentioned though, my surgery was an anterior fusion so there is so will be some differences. I had stiffness, but no real pain. As for showering, for the 1st few days I didn't shower (pew :o). I washed my body with a wash rag. To wash my hair I leaned in the tub and had my wife gently wash my hair under the faucet. After a few days I carefully showered without a collar.

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