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My name is Jennifer...first some quick background notes

intermittent right side pain from 10/05 to 3/05

24hr/day tingling and numbness on right side

family doctor says it's arthritis--take 3 iboprofen--HAH

went to an orthopaedic, MRI showed 2 herniated discs causing narrowing of the spinal canal--4 weeks PT--sypmtoms worsened--referred me to neurosurgeon...1st available appt. 6/21/06 (it was now mid April)

all over body (including neck,face & head) numbness..moved my appointment up to 5/1/06

while in the surgeon's office he had PA make appt for another MRI that night and told me about the surgery..said that my all-over numbness/tingling was because the spinal cord was being compressed and while the pain wasn't that great, the chances of paralysis (if I were to fall or be in an accident) would be great.

new MRI didn't show that much of a change..scheduled me for a brain MRI next day and if that was clear, wanted to operate on Friday

Woke up from 3 hr surgery--all symptoms gone-had full range of motion with my right arm! normal problems swallowing, some head and neck pain..Have only worked about 6 hours this week (I own my own business) most of it at home

I've had on/off brief moments of tingling/numbness on my right side since Sunday (2 days after surgery). This afternoon (Wednesday) my right arm has been continually numb...then for 2 hours this evening, I had the deep muscle spasms in the right arm and then there was a period of about 2 minutes where I had so much pain in the left back of my head, I started disappeared, then the spasms were gone and now my entire right side is numb..including neck, chest, feet, face....i'm now getting weird head pain..

HELP!!...does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions???

Thank you so much just for reading...Have a good evening!


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