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[QUOTE=funny4mony]Wow. We're really swinging from one extreme to the other here.

I 100% agree with your last paragraph. I don't know why you would think that I believe otherwise; I'm fall into that category. In fact, I believe "real problems" often go untreated. And I believe that happens very, very often.

A friend of the family died last fall. His only complaints were fatigue (unheeded) and then, later, some MILD back pain. Finally, after many visits to the Dr., he was scheduled for an MRI. He never made it to that MRI. He took a fall, wound up in the E.R., and a large untreatable tumor was discovered on his spinal cord (lymphoma). He was dead within 2 or 3 weeks.

About two years ago, a neighbor fell about 30 feet while doing some work in the yard. Multiple compression fractures of his vertebrae, herniations - it was a real mess all along his spine. Today? He races cars, which has been a long time family tradition. Both road rallies and high speed BMW Club racing on desert tracks. He doesn't have any complaints of pain.

Where we disagree, if we do: Physicians do not treat tests.

An MRI may reveal a symptomless condition (yes, even nerve/cord compression). In fact, it's not uncommon.[/QUOTE]

I'm not sure what that means 'Physicians do not treat tests'. The tests are to find out the problem. I would think that most times the tests are ordered do to a patient complaint.

I must have misread what you were saying (it's easy to do that), but it sounded like you were saying that a lot of people complain for no reason, or believe they have something they don't. It's easy to make that statement when you read only complaints on these boards...

At one time I and others have tried to start positive threads, only to have posters complain that we weren't seeing the "whole" picture.

My postings here try to reassure people who are going through this that there is a strong possiblity of a good outcome. It was important for me going through this to have that positive re-inforcement...for the very reasons that you stated, too many people come here with problems, and make it sound like ACDF surgery is dangerous, and or not successful. There is a very high success rate, and it can make your quality of life much better than the alternative...It has in my case.

I have a number of friends that have cervical problems and refuse to have treatment. They are locked in pain management...I never considered that an option. The reason they took this path is fear. If they were to read some of the threads on this board, they would only reinforce their fear.

We should be careful in how we approach this, as I know if I go back to before my surgery, I had a lot of fear about this. It's very important that people be informed and have as much info as they can as they enter into this. It's as important as selecting the best surgeon you can find...


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