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Hi Karin, looks like you are progressing well. I am weeks ahead of you, my ACDF C6-7 was 5/5 remember? I have ventured out a couple times for about 2 hours at a time with my husband. We went to dinner (get a booth for extra back support!) I am in the Miami J brace and now at day 24 it is starting to get to me! I tried the bed but can only sleep for about an hour, back to the recliner. Trying to up my activity, the only major complaint I have is neck muscle spasms if I do too much, a little pain here and there but mostly doing well. Doc had to extend the incision longer than my first 2 level acdf C4-6 in 12/04, so it looks like I slit my throat (lol) hopefully it will fade and no one will notice. It's nice and straight and a good stitch up. My swallowing is generally good, but pills I have to swallow just right or they stick, like yesterday I choked one. Take care and don't overdo on your outing. cindy

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