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I had a series of facet injections with Marcaine/nerve block 5 days ago, as well as one in my trap. My right arm still feels quite weak. Is this normal? Does it go away? I had the injections after a serious neck injury due to a chiropractor adjustment.

I'm not real sure about what you had done. What was the neck problem, disc or what?
I have neck problems 2 bulged disc that causes severe headaches, and now my right arm is losing the use, and numbness. I am on a combo of meds that help me make it. My PM dr. wanted to do the needles in my neck and I said NO, I've heard too many horror stories.
I hope someone on here can help you................
the problem was swollen facet joints that caused major ROM problems (couldnt look up). Thing is, since the injections i find my throat feeling so damn 'tight'. I( am hoping this goes away. It's been about 5 days - anyone else experience this? SHould i be worried?

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