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Well its finally time...tomorrow is the big day...I have tried to prepare as much as possible and this board has certainly helped me alot....I am having a posterior laminectomy c5-c7 with fusion and instruments....have stenosis and spurs...which has caused my gait to be off and had alot of pain down my left arm for about 6 weeks that seems to have fixed itself....I am really not in any kind of pain that I hear alot about but the walking and balance problem has gotten worse in the last few months...I just dont want it to progress any further and am hopeful (although there is no guarantee) that I will have some sort of improvement....I will be in a Miami J brace for about 6 weeks...I am aware the posterior approach is a harder recovery but for me my NS says that is the best way to give the spinal canal enough room..they will be using my own bone that they grind up after its removed....should be a 3 day hospital stay and I will write with details as soon as I can....thank you all for your valuable information....Jeri

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