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I am post single level ACDF 4 weeks. Compressed spinal cord, osteophytes,numbeness, burning in the extremities, all that good stuff I 've been reading about so much here for the last three months as I prepared myself for surgery. I think my surgery was a huge success. I no longer limp and some numbness has subsided in my left arm. I went back to work five days after surgery and started driving 10 days after surgery. I couldn't be happier about the results except....The first 10 days postop I was on Percocet. I was still in discomfort after finishing the Percocet, and having difficulties swallowing. So fter a few days of tylenol (which did nothing) and rising anxiety about difficulty swallowing my Doctor gave me some Vicodin. I was only taking Vicodin in the afternoon when my throat and swallowing discomfort seemed to get worse. It worked great for the next ten days. I was able to walk for an hour every evening and sleep well. Anyways I finished up the Vicodin five days ago. The lumo in my throat gets more pronounced as the day goes on and I find myself having panic attacks by dinner time. I don't really have that much difficulty swallowing. Its just a lump in my throat, and it feels like my airway is slightly constricted. I'm a mess by evening. I have tried Xanax. I take 1mg once in the afternoon which calms me down but makes me really tired, so I don't exercise. question - I know this swallowing difficulty is a common result of the operation, but is there a specific medication or therapy to help as the weeks go by and hopefully this goes away?

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