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There are many opinions about NSAIDS after fusion surgery, but the prevailing one seems to be that NSAIDS are a no-no because they supposedly inhibit bone formation. The inhibitory effect is said to be worse if the NSAIDS are taken early in the healing process; therefore, the general recommendation is that you take no NSAIDS for a period of three months after surgery.

You will find some doctors who say NSAIDS have no effect on post-operative healing and others who say that the rate of fusion can drop by as much as 50% with use. It's just one of those issues you have to research and make up you own mind about.

As for your scar, I have heard from several people that Mederma works wonders. I have not tried it myself. Supposedly a small tube in the $15 - $20 range.

I've heard good stuff about vitamin E oil, too.

You know, my scar doesn't bother me at all. I don't even think about it unless someone says something, and the only people who have said anything are my surgeon and one of the PT guys. I've run into a few people who didn't know I was having the surgery, and not one of them noticed anything out of the ordinary before I told them about it.

Maybe they were just distracted by my brilliant smile.

(that was a JOKE!)

Before surgery, the surgeon kept making a big fuss about how hard he was going to try to make my scar small, and I kept telling him, "Don't worry about that. Make it as big as you need to. I care more about having the surgery done right than I do about the scar!"

I found out that one of my neighbors had ACDF about five years ago. I had never noticed her scar before; she had to point it out to me.

Sorry to hear that you will be missing the reunion, but you'll undoubtedly be better for it. Hope time flies 'til you can be rid of the neck brace, and that you keep feeling better and better all the while.

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