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Hi! I am a 28yo female who has been having neck pain and right pain/burning/tingling/numbness shooting into my right arm and fingers. I did 6 weeks of physical therapy before the MRI, and now my primary doctor is sending me to a spine clinic.

Any advice/interpretation of my MRI results would be greatly appreciated. I am wondering what the next step(s) may be in trying to solve this problem.

[B]MRI:[/B] At the C5-C6 level, there is a moderately large right paracentral disc herniation. This indents the right anterior surface of the thecal sac and abuts the spinal cord without causing gross cord compression. No foraminal extension is seen.

At C6-C7 level, a shallow posterior protrusion of the disc is again seen in a central and left paracentral position.

Remaining cervical discs appear normal and intact. Normal signal intensity is seen in the spinal cord and in the bone marrow of the vertebral bodies. There is a moderate reversal of normal cervical lordosis centered at C5-C6 which may be related to some muscle spasm or patient positioning.


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