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I had my surgery over 2 years ago and woke up feeling great. The numbness and the pain were completely gone. I had C4-C7 fused. I was only in the hospital for overnight which is pretty much the standard. I did not have to wear a brace which actually scared me at first since I sublex and dislocate easily, but in the end was greatful that I didn't have to wear one.

The first few days are the hardest in general because of the incision site and of course the new hardware etc. Be sure that your doctor does send you home with something for pain. The key to keeping the pain under control is to take the medication as prescribed. If it says every 4-6 hours that's how you should take it. Putting off taking medication and only taking it when you hurt can cause your pain levels to become out of line and it will be very difficult to bring them under control again.

I found that ice was my best friend for the first few days. It helped to minmize the swelling in the incision site which seemed to be the area of that caused the most pain overall. I spent the first few days in bed and avoided the computer or sitting up for long periods as it did seem to tire me out quickly.

My throat was sore and scratchy but I didn't loose my voice. I opted for Fruit Breezers hard candy and various throat drops that helped to sooth my throat. I also drank plenty of water to be sure that I was hydrated properly.

After about the 2nd week I was doing fine and could barely even tell that I had the surgery done. The biggest thing was that the pain was completley gone from the herniations and of course the numbness. Each person is different in how they react to the surgery but overall I wouldn't be worried. I know if I had to do it again I'd do it over in a minute without a second thought.

I'm sure you'll do fine, most folks generally get through the surgery quite well. Those who seem to have the most pain or difficulty getting through it are those who use their own bone instead of cadaver. I have seen quite a few complaints from those who had theirs harvested as opposed to those who did not.

Good luck

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