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Re: 6 weeks later
Jun 29, 2006

I haven't had any headaches post collar removal though I've had extensive neck 'fatigue' from not having to support my own head for 6 weeks. So it is an ache in the back of the neck which does feel slightly like a tension headache.

My guesstimate would be you are now sleeping in a different position which could be contributing to the headaches. After only 4 days without the collar I find myself waking up in what I thought would be uncomfortable neck positions so the firs t 30 minutes of each morning are recovering from some overnight induced aches in the head and neck.

One word of caution - check with your doctor, but from what I've read here and confirmed with my surgeon, no Advil, Aleve, Asprin for the first 3 months after surgery as it is thought it can hinder fusion. What I've done is thus take some of my remaining Percocet and used a pill cutter to cut them into quarters. So if I have pain I take one regular Tylenol and one of my 1/4 percocet pills.

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