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Test results
Jul 2, 2006
Here are my test results. I'm praying someone can help me figure out what they mean.
MRI of cervical spine.
General findings: vertebral body alignment is maintained. There is disc space narrowing and disc desiccation in all cervical spine levels with anterior and posterior projecting osteophytes at c4-5, c5-6, and c6-7. Minimal vertebral body posterior element fat at t1 vertebral body. Cord signal intensity is intact, No adnormal marrow or disc signal intensity or cord signal intensity on fluid sensitive sequence.
c3-4; Disc buldge osteophyte complex with small focal central disc protrusion flattens the ventral thecal sac. Moderate bilaterally neural foraminal stenosis.
C4-5; Disc bulge osteophyte complex flattens the ventral thecal sac, but no significant cord impression. Bilateral foramen are widely patent.
C5-6; Disc bulge osteophyte complex flattens the ventral thecal sac and on sagittal sequence appears to be central disc protrusion deforming the cord. This does appear to flatten the cord on axial sequences. Mild bilateral foraminal stenosis..
C6-7 Disc bulge osteophyte complex midly flattens the venrral thecal sac. No sginificant central canal stenosis.
C7-T1; Disc bulge osteophyte complex flattens the ventral thecal sac. Moderate severe left neural foraminal stenosis.
Multilevel degenerative disc disease. Multilevel anterior and posterior projecting osteophytes as well as disc bulges and protrusions as above.

2nd report

X-rays of cerivical spine included flexion/extension films show a pattern of multilevel spondylosis. There is welativly stiff segment at C6-7 with slight hypermobilty at C4-5 and C5-6. Anterior annular calcifications, beaking, elongation and flattening are all seen.
MRI of cirvical spine outlines a pattern of congenital stenosis with mild multilevel spondylosis. There is no area where there is any significant impingment upon the cord. There is no structal or inflammatory changes within the cord. Mild bilateral neuroforminal stenosis is seen at C5-6 and C6-7. The greatest area of neuroforaminal disease is on the left side at C5-6. No ovious signal change is appricated in any of the facet joints. There is some signal change in the anterior aspect of the C5 and C6 vertebral bodies consistant with modic type phenomenon and similarly some signal change in the superior end plate and left side pedicle at T1 which is more consistant with a lipoma as it is expressed with fat saturation sequence.
1. Cervical spondylosis with myeloradiculopathy.
2. Congential cervical stenosis
3. Mechanical neck pain likly referred into the trapezius region
4. Bilareral shoulder pain, left much greater than right.

These reports were both in January of 06 by old ns.
New ns says there is defently inflammition in the joints.

Since this report was done, I've tried pt, traction, many pain medicines.
I'm scheduled for nerve block on July 5th.

It should be noted pain level has increased and now goes on both sides of my neck and into my left arm equally with my right side pain systoms and pain level. Depression has increased alot. can't sleep well. Can't do anything without increasing the pain to intolable levels. Stress level has increased alot.

So to all of you , what does all this mean. If you can help I would so appriciate it. Thanks, Texascritter!!!!!

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