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I really do think you do need a new MRI of the neck.. hopefully you can push for one.

Funny thing you mention the shoulder. Originally when my neck acted up I had known for year I had some small herniations but reallly never any neck pain, just soreness now and again.

Well I started having horrific pain in my shoulder. Had an MRI done and some injections that did nothing. I couldn't move my arm and the pain was beyond belief. The only time I ever felt anything so horrible was when my hip was replaced.

All came back fine (xrays and mri) but the pain increased and I lost feeling in some fingers and my arm felt numb so the doctor decided to do a scope on my shoulder. I've had rotator cuff tears and spurs in the past that didn't show on an MRI so he thought this was the problem and wanted to rule this out..

So needless to say I went in and had surgery on my right shoulder. Well guess what.. nothing was wrong other than some minor arthritis and small spurs. The doctor cleaned it up and sent me home thinking this would fix it.

Well bad news, this made things 100 times worse. I was now in so much pain I couldn't sleep or eat. It even hurt to use the restroom, I could't sit on the toilet for a second. We were totally dumfounded (me and the doctor) as to what was happening. My shoulder was fine and then it dawned on both of us at the same time... my neck! I just had surgery for no good reason.

Sure enough they did an MRI of my neck (had to do it twice, I couldn't lay there the whole time the pain was so bad) and several disks were impinging my spinal cord and nerves.. The problem never was my shoulder to begin with.. I just never had any neck pain even though it was my neck.

Anyhow that's my story for the day. As mentioned the shoulder can mimick neck pain and vice versa.

I hope you see light at the end of the tunnel and things get better.

BTW have you gotten a lawyer yet? I really do think you should find a good one, perhaps this will speed up getting the appropriate type of help you need instead of your doctor playing things off like it's nothing major.

all the best

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