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I agree with Sunshine. I am about 70% 6m post and will likely keep ill improving. Damaged nerves just take a long time to heal. You will have good days and bad days. You may always have a certain amount of pain. If you trusted your doctor enough to cut on you then stay with him. I thought the same thing at 7 weeks and now 6 months post I am glad I have the doctor I did. Heck I read people having 3-4 hr surgeries and stays in the hospital for the same surgery I had that was completed in 30 minutes and when I awoke I was released to go home. And yes HTF I also thought my worries were over post surgery. I read this site for years and it does seem that most people do have that response. Then there are ones like Sunshine and others who are MIA from here now that are still recovering.

Hang tight.
I had the 7-week post-op and the X-ray suggested that the fusion looked good and is progressing my main issues are are right about the cord is just a different ball game than simple herniation...I guess i have been using the wrong reference group when doing my comparisons...I am in the "dealing with severe cord compression group"...In fact my surgeon says he loves doing ACDFs for folks with herniations causing pinched nerves and all such as that...because those folks wake up and are relieved of their pain and they want to kiss him...Folks like me and a number of you as well are just getting started when they pull that disc off of the damaged cord...Anyway...I am glad to hear a number of you are progressing months after surgery and I guess that is what I am hoping for...I have improved strength and some neurological improvement...though I still suffer some hyperreflexivity and of course the numbness and L'hermitte's sign...I guess I may be improving in some ways I am not aware of given that I focus mainly on the shocks emanating through my good hand...and the numbness in my bad hand...The MRI still shows cord signal change..and I guess that is the culprit...there isn't a whole lot of swelling as I suspected...How do we improve cord signal change? Eat more yogurt?:) HTF

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