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If you are still having the symptoms I too would be concerned. :eek: When you see the doctor you may want to insist on an MRI or whatever he can do to evalute for any further nerve/cord impingement. Let the doctor know exactly what you are experiencing, what your activity level has been, what medications you've taken.

I say this becuase most of the symptoms I've had post-op have been brief. I get remnants of my pre-op pain but usually it's at the end of the day (when I've done too much or worked too long :dizzy: ) or when I slept 'wrong' :mad: . So any symptom(s) that lasted or seemed to get worse would concern me.

I am just about 11 weeks post C5-C7 ACDF and I had a concern last week that my pain level might be too high. My doctor's office easily fit me in with only a few days notice. He talked to me before deciding if xrays were needed. But once I explained what I feel in terms of pain and other symptoms - and when I feel these symptoms, he talked me through it and determined the pain level is normal. If it had not been he would have done an xray.

I will be honest with you in that that you should be concerned if the doctor in any way dismisses what you are feeling and the symptoms you are describing. Listen to your inner voice and seek out a new physician if you think it would help. Overdoing 'it' would cause pain but at the level you've described I think you'd have to be riding roller coasters to get that much pain at this point post-op.

Long story short but years ago I had my knee (ACL) fixed and 8 weeks later the repair fell apart. The doctor said he had to go back in to fix it. My inner voice was telling me to not let him do it, go see another doctor, but noooooooo I decided to let him fix it. 6 months later it fell apart again and I later found out he did the procedure wrong (and ACL is very common in orthopedic surgery). I found this out when seeking to move from NJ to IL for a job and went to the best O.S. in town (who I should have gone to in the first place) and he couldn't believe the poor job done on my knee. He said I could move to IL but would have to have the knee reconstructed. I found a great O.S. in IL and he said "do you want form or function" - I said function and he made a huge incision but did a great job. My knee is as close to 100% as you can get after all that surgical trauma. I don't say this to scare you :eek: , but just know that if your doctor doesn't take what you say seriously :nono: consider seeking treatment elsewhere. As we all know nerve damage/pain is nothing to consider lightly.


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