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Hi all: I'll keep it concise, my wife says I'm a windbag, and I know it myself lol. :dizzy:
The week preceeding my injury, (I'm 44) just very hard pick and shovel work.
6-20-06, awoke w/stabbing pain in between shoulder blades, went to E.R. CT scan. Doc. said c5-c6 bulging disc on right side, causing muscle spasms, meds, went home, Doctor follow up in 1 week. Prednisone 5-day pulse pak, percoset, flexeril, ibuprofen.
3 weeks later, primary doc says I'm ok for lite work, my back feels better, he refers me to physical therapist.
July 12, 2006, PT gave me traction, manually with her hands and moved, explored, each of my cervical vertebrae, I think. The next morning, and for the past 25 days I have had the worst headache, with very few minutes of breaks. Percoset and Flexeril help, but the pain is still there. So It's been 25 days and headaches the same. It hurts in my neck (the back) and radiates over the top to my eyes. Crushing pressure headache. No position change helps. I get a few breaks by moving around, but my point is, it's the worst headache of my life and it's not going away.. At this point I don't care about assigning blame, but I complained to the PT and she said she did nothing that could have caused my headaches and that there must be something else going on.
8 days after PT I got a new doc, had an mri done and have seen a neurosurgeon, and a spine specialist. My left pinky and ring finger have a nerve, numbness thing going on. The consensus is that I have C7-T1 left side nerve pinch going on. And basically my back sucks, with dehydrated discs and such.
The neurosurgeon says rest, and "nothing wild" till 6 weeks pain free. I saw a physiatrist 2 days ago, and she says, PT and a epidural and maybe surgery.
(the whining part now)(skip this if needed) So it's been 7 weeks since my back spasms and I'm not working. The headaches/neckaches make me close my eyes and sit there. I know there is much more suffering than this going on with other people, but my 12 hour workday construction lifestyle is over. I'm driving my poor wife crazy, I've turned down jobs, and I'm fat sitting here typing getting fatter and softer.
So help me please: looking for similar experiences with happy or unhappy endings. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this going to go away. trying to rule out reasons for headaches. Thx for any and all responses, and I wish all of you full recoveries. Matt, in Seattle

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